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The Historic 1908 Courthouse Foundation is committed to providing accessibility to all visitors. The design of the building creates barriers in some cases. We have addressed these barriers in most cases and we are in the process of eliminating them all. You can see pictures of all the improvements made to increase accessibility here.

Building Entry


All three of the original entrances to the building required visitors to climb steps. In order to accomodate those who cannot easily deal with steps, a ramp has been installed to a fourth door that was added to the building. You can see the ramp in the photo to the right.

Access to 2nd Floor


Our building has beautiful spiral staircases going to the second floor but these are a huge obstacle for many people. In order to provide access to the 2nd floor auditorium, an elevator was installed in 2005. This was a major undertaking costing $150,000 and requiring a significant reorganization of museum display space.

The elevator was paid for in part by a grant from the US Department of Agriculture but a siginificant portion of the funds had to come from the community.

You can see the elevator in the photo to the left. The dark wooden door in the photo is the door from the exterior ramp.


Restroom remodel
Restroom remodel

Our most recent project to improve accessibility concerned our restrooms. When the building was built in 1908, the mens room was in the basement and there was no women's room! Later, a women's room was added under one of the staircases. When the building was renovated in 1986, two new restrooms were added that met building codes of the day. They were not wheelchair accessible.

In the winter of 2013, a project was begun and finished to remodel both men's and women's restrooms so they meet current ADA guidelines. You can see pictures of the result to the right. You can see more photos of the restroom remodel here.

Future Projects

Currently there is no ramp to access the stage. We are in the planning stages of getting ramps made that will allow wheelchair access to the stage and backstage areas.

There is also no ramp to our band stand. We expect to have this rectified in time for our summer festivals this year (2013).

Assistance for Hearing Impaired

If you are planing to visit the 1908 Courthouse for a concert or other event and you require assistance because you are hearing impaired, you may request assistance. Please give us 5 days advance notice so we may make arrangements for a signing interpreter or audio assistance equipment.